Turbotax online | Sign up Turbotax account

Complete tax returns e-filing virtually with turbotax online. This provides an interface to file both federal and state taxes using tax tools alike its software version. Along with this, there is no software installation or storage requirement to prepare tax returns online. In addition to all the benefits of software features you are free to do taxes from any device on cloud. Thus, making access easier and tax preparation faster.

How to create turbotax online account?

Sign-up an account and start your income tax return, follow the steps given-

  1. Head on to ‘Turbotax online’ website.
  2. Enter your email in the field.
  3. Then, confirm the email, press ‘Confirm’ in the Windows.
  4. Now, enter phone number in the box.
  5. Further, put in security password with at least 8-characters.
  6. Choose “Create account” lastly.

How to access turbotax online?

To start your tax return e-filing using turbotax online go to turbotax official website. Then, here tap ‘Sign In’ the return you left and login using your account. Further, tap ‘Continue’ & start the return left earlier. In order to start a return afresh, select ‘Start a new return‘.


How to shift to turbotax online from desktop version?

To start working on turbotax online instead of desktop version, follow these steps-

  1. Open the turbotax software.
  2. Then, select any product, if not done earlier.
  3. Select any state program to go ahead.
  4. Choose ‘Continue From TurboTax Online’.
  5. Thereafter, sign-in Intuit Account.
  6. Now, data transfer proceeds to TurboTax Desktop.
  7. Lastly, your return opens.

How does turbotax online differs from software version?

  • Turbotax software needs download and installation. On the other hand you directly login & start your tax return through web browser on its online version.
  • Also, the no storage space is occupied in turbotax online that occurs in downloaded version. Its all stored on reliable servers of cloud version.
  • Foremost benefit of turbotax online is that user can easily login from any device that cannot be done for software users.

How to update my turbotax account information?

Follow these steps to update account details on turbotax-

  1. Go to website & login yourself.
  2. Then, Under its Menu, select ‘Intuit Account’.
  3. Select ‘Manage your Account’, then tap ‘Sign In & Security’ or ‘Personal info’.
  4. Update & enter new details.
  5. Confirm by clicking ‘Save’.


  • Select ‘Sign In & Security’ to update details of User ID, Password,email address, or phone number.
  • In order to update name,date of birth, address, or occupation, select ‘Personal info’.


To get turbotax software installed on your PC, follow the steps-

  1. Go to official turbotax website, click “Access to Downloads”.
  2. Here, login with credentials.
  3. Choose any of the turbotax product.
  4. Then, download the file & save it.
  5. Double-click file & installer launches now.

Activation code is the alpha-numeric combination of 16-characters used to setup turbotax successfully on your device.

Turbotax license code can be found on the CD sleeve, packing slip or insde the box, if bought turbotax CD.

After installation takes place, Activation screen appears-

  1. Enter the license code in the box.
  2. Then, click 'Continue' & complete turbotax setup.